Military Discounts are available to military personnel – active duty, former/retired, and/or reserves.

Flag and soldiers.

Must show Military or Veteran’s ID card for verification.
To qualify for the military discount, payment must be made in advance.

3 month rental – $15.00 off
6 month rental – $20.00 off
12 month rental – $30.00 off

The military discount is IN ADDITION TO the standard discount
available to all tenants for advance payment:

6 month rental – $25.00 off
12 month rental – $50.00 off

Flag and soldiers.

Student Discount

$5.00 off contract total with university or college ID card.

Flag and soldiers.

Senior Discount

$10.00 off contract total. The seniors must be 65 to qualify.


Contact us for further details at 920-627-7033